We love Lights, Camel, Action!

What an incredible performance from all of the children in Key Stage 1!

Amazing job everyone!


We love measuring!

This week we have had fun measuring how tall we are using wool, rulers and metre sticks. Children lay on the floor to be measured or stood against a wall. We had to try and be accurate with the measuring and record our results carefully. Lots of fun on a Friday afternoon in school!

We love science experiments!


Children had to make four ‘flying fish’ using different types and thickness of paper. Using their amazing measuring, drawing and cutting skills, children had to use a ruler to take their measurements.
With a timer, we recorded how long it took each paper fish to fall to the floor after dropping from the top of the spiral staircase! We all very sensible and listened carefully to all the instructions.
Results are in! The card flying fish that were made of the thickest material was the quickest material to drop, 3 seconds. The tissue paper fish, which was made of the thinnest material, took the longest time to float down, 6 seconds. Great team work 2B!

We love testing materials!

The children in Year 2 were investigating which material would be the most suitable to make a new umbrella for Winnie the Pooh to splash about in the rain with. It needed to be waterproof and light. Children had a range of materials to test including paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic and kitchen roll. Using straws, we dropped the water carefully onto the different materials.

Everyone worked hard and the class identified that plastic was the best material to make an umbrella for Winnie the Pooh as it was waterproof and lightweight!

We love egg-citing science!

We all looked at a cycle helmet and found out how they were made using different materials. We talked about the importance of wearing a helmet whilst cycling.

Children loved the problem solving challenge! Using a real egg, they had to make a crash helmet for an ‘egg cyclist’ using different materials and test it. The eggs were then tested outside by dropping them. What a egg-ceptional lesson!



We love writing firework poetry!

In English, we have been working hard to write our own descriptive firework poem. We watched some amazing firework displays and brain stormed some descriptive words with a partner on a white board. We then started to draft our own poems. It was hard work but we all loved writing them and reading them out to our friends.
Great job everyone!

Firework poems 1 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Firework poems 2 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Firework poem 3 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

We love dressing up as Victorians!

On Monday 9th October, Year 2 went to visit Beaumanor Hall to take part in a Victorian Childhood day. Everybody came to school in their fantastic Victorian costumes, including the teachers! We had a superb day and learnt about the origins of the Hall and the family who lived in it. We then experienced life as a servant, working in the cellars, learning why you needed a servant to get dressed if you were a rich Victorian, male and female. Children were able to work in the washing room and then iron the clothes and wrap them up with string in brown paper. After that, we explored what life was like upstairs in the Hall.

In the afternoon, the children joined a Victorian school with a very strict teacher complete with real ink and quill pens, dunce’s cap and cane! We had a superb day and the children behaved excellently. We would like to thank Mrs Mellors and Mrs Phoenix for helping us on our visit.


We love working hard!

Another busy week has flown by! Children enjoyed watching their friends perform their Victorian poems and songs. Well done everyone who had a go!
We have made beetroot hats for the Harvest Festival and finished off making Victorian silhouette pictures from photographs. We are all looking forward to visiting Beaumanor Hall on Monday for our trip.

We love exercising!

In Science this week, we have been thinking about how exercise helps our bodies. Children learnt that exercise gives our heart a workout and strengthens our muscles in different parts of the body. It also helps to keep us flexible and makes us feel good!

In the playground, children designed their own ‘keep fit’ warm up that could last for over a minute and they performed them to the rest of the group. Everyone had fun in the sun!

We love feeling happy!

Another week has flown past! We have been using our knowledge that we have learnt about Queen Victoria to write lots of different questions to her, remembering to use a capital letter at the start and a question mark at the end. Isabella wanted to know why she had called her dog, Dash. Yusuf wanted to know why she liked to ride a horse fast.

In Science, we explored lots of ideas about what made us feel happy and we created happy face pictures with speech bubble statements. Here are some pictures of our the class collaging their faces.