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2B go back in time to the Victorian era!

To kick off our topic about ‘What it was like to be a child in Victorian times’ we visited Sudbury Hall’s Childhood Museum. When we got there we were split into two groups. One group went to investigate toys through the ages and were taken as far back as the ‘Stone Age!’ The other group found themselves whisked back in to a Victorian school room were they discovered the rote learning style, the strictness of the teacher and the punishments for disobediance!

Fortunately the boys were returned to the present day for lunch, outside in the courtyard which was followed by a guided exploration of the museum. Here they discovered Victorian toys, how the laundry was done and the hardships of the working children. They even applied for the job of a chimney sweep where many tried to climb a chimney to see if they would fit!

We had a fantastic time which caught the boys imagination and lead to many questions that they would like to find answers too.

Sudbury Hall Childhood Museum on PhotoPeach

Welcome to 2B 2014-15!

Wow, we have just completed our first full week at school and have already done a great deal of work . We have also had our first trip out to Sudbury Hall Childhood Museum to kick start our topic on the Victorians from a child’s perspective. – see next weeks blog for the offical pictures!
The boys are getting to grips with their new routines and responsibilities and are rising to the challenge to become a little more independent in looking after their belongings.
We are all really enjoying getting to know each other again and would like to say a big “Welcome” to Michael, Nathan, George and Fred who have quickly becoming part of our new class.

Class of 2B

Class of 2B