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A poetry recital.

This week the boys have started to look at poetry. They have read poems that rhyme, use alliteration and some that are written in to a shape. They watched a clip of Rodger Mc Gough reciting ‘The Sound Collector’ to see how he performed it using his voice, actions and facial expressions. Then they had a go themselves with different poems.
Here are two of them.

The Furry Ones from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

The Sound Collector from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

Victorian style silhouettes.

Silhouette portraits became very popular during the Victorian era so this week the boys have tried their hand at creating their own. First they traced each others shadow, cast by the projector light, on to black paper. Then after carefully cutting their silhouette out they used white paper to mount it.
Take a look and see if you can recognise who they are. See if you were correct by viewing our ‘Silhouette Gallery’ up the Year 2 stairwell.

2B’s Victorian style silhoutttes. on PhotoPeach

A science investigation.


How far will it go?

How far will it go?

In science the boys wanted to find out which car travelled the furthest when sent down a ramp. They designed a fair test that kept the ramp the same height, that they just let the cars go
and not push them and they measured from the same point. The only thing they changed were the cars. They repeated the test twice, once with a high ramp and once with a lower ramp. They found out which of thier cars travelled the furthest and that the cars let down the highest ramp travelled further than the cars that went down the lower ramp.