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A performance to remember

The cast of Busy Busy Bethlehem

The cast of Busy Busy Bethlehem

For the past few weeks the boys have been working very hard learning lines, songs, stage cues and actions for two grand performances of this years Christmas performance.It was suberb and very much enjoyed by all.
Well done we are so proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves.
Merry Christmas everyone, have a great Christmas holiday.

A Victorian Christmas.

Last Wednesday saw Year 2 visit Newstead Abbey, which was a day full of activities, to experience a traditional Victorian Christmas. We had to dress up as Victorian children and take a Victorian style packed lunch. We were divided into two groups which had lots of fun doing a variety of exciting activities including Victorian games in the Great Hall such as ‘Flap the Kipper, Sleeping lions and Quack, Quack statues’ and making sugar mice in the kitchen with Drew. We also created shadow puppets and took part in telling a ‘Newstead Cinderella’ story. Some of us also watched the Magic Lantern show and made herbal bags. It was a super day with all the boys having a good time and behaving extremely well.
The Cinderella story100_2393Quack Quack StatesGranny' footstepsSugar mice100_2385