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circuitcircuit making

This half term we have been looking at electricity. We have discussed the dangers of mains electricity and made posters to promote its safe use. We have also investigated the way our electronic toys are powered and discovered that batteries are a safe way to produce energy to make the toys work.
This week the children have been introduced to a simple circuit. They have named the different components and then had a go at making a circuit that powered a light bulb. They all really enjoyed this practical activity and it raised some really good questions that they had to find the answers to.

Diving in to 2015!

Front crawl arm practise.push start & glide.

We have plunged in to the new year! The first week back and the children were straight in the swimming pool eagerly practising their push starts and glide, working hard on their front crawl arms and diving to retrieve rings from the bottom of the pool.
The children all really enjoy thier swimming lessons at the Infants.