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Work hard. Play hard.

This week was an assessment week and the children have all worked extremely hard. So on Friday it was time for a well deserved ‘Golden Time’. As our topic is the Great Outdoor topic we took inspiration from the seaside. The children played volley ball, built sandcastles and decorated them with handmade flags, created ‘rock pools’ and built a waterways network for boats to sail on, even Bertie came over to see all the fun that was going on.

What a busy week!

It has been all go in 2B this week as we have continued to explore the great outdoors. First was a walk around the school’s locality using a map and adding drawn symbols for the main features. We were then very lucky to have the wildlife man in to do some pond dipping, so armed with nets and trays the children found over 26 different species of pond life. It was a terrific experience. We have also had a trip out to the Central Library in town to study maps old maps of the area around our school. It has been a very busy week.

A busy week on PhotoPeach

Investigative Science.

IMG_20150428_143229IMG_20150428_143604IMG_20150428_143311Science found the children becoming investigators of the plants and animals that can be found in the school garden. They collected their clipboards and sheets for recording and trooped down to the play ground. They hunted in flower beds, trees and under rocks and logs in search of minibeasts and different flowering plants.