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Year 2 Open Pandora’s Box!

NHIJS have been taking part in a Creative Week this week based on the topic of Myths and Legends. In Year Two, we have been exploring the story of Pandora’s Box. It all started when a mystery box was delivered to the classroom with a notice saying ‘Do not open under any circumstance’, nobody knows how it got there!
We have been watching different versions of the story, read a play script, assigned roles and acted out the story with some very dramatic actions. We have been exploring making different 3-d box shapes, testing their capacities to find out which one had the largest. We made larger versions of the boxes using a net pattern and finally decorated them to make it look very enticing!
We have also been trying Greek dancing, Greek food and writing a poem about hope.
On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to go to the Junior school and watch the Year 3 puppet show, which was fantastic.
Mrs Barker has made a slideshow to show you all the fantastic activities the children have been taking part in.
It has been a really lovely week and we wish you all a lovely half-term.
Pandora’s Box Creative week on PhotoPeach

Welcome to our new baby DINOSAUR!

Two weeks ago an egg was brought in to school. The children looked closely at it and tried to guess what maybe inside. They placed it in a nest of leaves and twigs but nothing happened. They then thought that perhaps the egg was too dry so it was placed in a bowl of water and low and behold after two days the egg began to crack. A couple of days later a DINOSAUR hatched! The class have welcomed a baby triceratops. Mrs Barker is just hoping it will not grow too big!

Our baby dinosaur.

Our baby dinosaur.

Swimming skills

Throughout September the children have been working on their water confidence and skills. They are diving down and collecting the new spinning shark sinkers off the bottom of the pool, swimming underwater through hoops and floating on the surface. They are also continuing to hone their water polo skills from Year one. Oscar is a real point scorer.
swimming underwater


sinkers.water polo