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Community Police officers visit Lovell House.

Visit from the police! on PhotoPeach

The class really enjoyed the talk from the community police officers and learnt lots of new information, like which number they should call if there was an emergency and the number to call if the incident is not so urgent. They learnt about knives and their dangers and what to do if they found one.
Oliver said ” I learnt a new number 101 to call the police when it is not very serious.”
I learnt that if there is a knife on the floor I shouldn’t touch it.” Kavin.
Nihal “I learnt that the officers wearing blue look for people that are being naughty and if the police are wearing black they seize people and arrest people and take them to court.”
Isaac tried on the police uniform and thought it was “good”. and Yuvraj said “it was heavy.”

Dressing up for Children in Need.

imageFriday saw the class dressing up to help raise money for Children in Need. The children had given a lot of thought to the hero they had chosen to be and why.
Ayaan said ” I’m Dr David Banner the good side to the Incredible Hulk.” Nico came as the Incredible Hulk, aka the angry side to Dr Banner, as he “fights bad guys.”
Edward and Oscar came as soldiers saying that they had decided on these because soldiers are heroes who fight in wars to protect us.
And Nihal chose to be Harry Potter as “he fights evil in Hogwarts.”