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Trip to Conkers

Thursday saw Year 2 join the rest of the Infant School on a trip to Conkers. .outdoor explorers
On Arrival we were sent to explore the outdoor trails. This saw us discover the sensory trail, the waterside wetlands, where we solved ‘What am I?’ riddles, and enter the Fairy Labyrinth where the legendary Minotaur was kept. Fortunately we all made it out in one piece!
After the train ride to the other end of the site we had lunch, always an important part of any trip, with all the other classes. Then it was time for the adventure play area. Towards the end of the day we took part in a workshop all about the magic of seeds. Here we learnt about how different seeds are dispersed.
We had a great day

Stories in the stars.

Today we have been lucky enough to go up to the Junior School to experience the star dome. It was amazing, the children entered into the dark dome and were met with planet earth projected on the side of the dome. Then they were shown the constellations across the night sky and listened to the stories associated with the them. They also now know how to find the Big Dipper, Orion and Leo the lion when the stars are out.

In to the dome we go

In to the dome we go