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Mini chefs making pizza

Today we made pizza! This is what the children had to say about creating their own pizzas. First they designed what they thought would be tasty toppings for their own pizza. Then it was over too the master chefs of 2B.
Kavin said “It was exciting.”
“I thought pineapple and sweetcorn would go together as a topping.” explained Oliver.
James said “On my pizza I had ham and cheese.”
Edward said excitedly “I bet the pizzas are going to be extremely delicious.”
Some time later after the cooking we tried our pizzas.
‘I liked my pizza it was mmmm’ said Isaac.
Alfie’ never thought ham and cheese pizza was so delicious.’
My pizza tasted delicious!’ exclaimed Ayaan.

Dressing like an Egyptian.

Egyptian Bling!

Egyptian Bling!

2B have gone all Egyptian! They have had a very creative week making Egyptian jewellery. They have each made a golden bangle with colourful gems, a large necklace featuring Ra and then ready for the afterlife a Pharaoh’s style death mask.
Well done all you look spectacular.

Our patriotic day in honour of the Queen’s Birthday.

Today we all came dressed in red, white and blue as these are the colours used in our Union Jack flag.
We had a great day celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday.
Here is what some of us had to said.
Kavin said ‘I liked learning about the Queen. Did you know she was crowned in 1953?’ Edward said ‘I learnt that she has now been on the throne for over 60 years’.
‘Ours was watching the live feed on Expresso’ said Oscar G and Nihal.
Alfie liked writing different facts about the Queen and Sam enjoyed making a crown to wear.
We also made Queen cone dolls and Mel made us all a crown cookie to take home, mmm. Thank you Mel.