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We love PE!

Today in our PE lesson everyone was working hard to listen to instructions to be able to travel in different ways. We played lots of different fun games in the Hall. The favourite game was ‘Cars’ where children had to travel in different ways showing a clear transition between movements. They all loved being the squashed hedgehog!

1st gear : slow motion walk

2nd gear : walking

3rd gear : jogging

4th gear : running

Hedgehog: curl up in a ball

Squashed hedgehog : lie down with flat arms outstretched.




We love learning about materials!

image image image image image

In Science we have been learning about the different properties of materials including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard. We tested them to see if they could be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. Using our knowledge, we had to test the different materials carefully and record our results carefully in a table.

We all had a great time in the playground taking part in the Colourful Fun Run, to support Children in Need Day!

We love designing bike helmets!

image image image image

As part of our Science, children had to design, make and test a crash helmet. For this problem solving challenge, children made a crash helmet for an “egg cyclist”.

After exploring how a real cycle helmet works they used lots of different materials to have a go at making their own. It was great fun!

This was then tested individually to see if the helmet protected the egg. Lots of fun and giggles!

We love performing our firework poems!

This week in school we have enjoyed writing Firework poetry and learning how to perform them to our friends. Children learnt Firework dances that were performed to music in the Hall and worked hard to think of adjectives to describe them. I hope you like our work!

‘I felt really happy when I was performing my speech out.’  Oskar

‘I liked writing my firework poem and I enjoyed it.’  Jonas

‘I liked saying the firework poems.’  CJ

‘I liked doing my firework poem even though it was quite tricky!’  Charlie

Firework 1 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Firework 2 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Firework 3 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Firework 4 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.