Archive for January 27, 2017

We love aboriginal art!

Today we have visited Patchings Art Farm and learnt all about aboriginal paintings. We had a go at making our own using acrylic paint. It was hard work but brilliant! We have brought them back to school to dry and we will put them up in the classroom.

Well done everyone for all their hard work!



We love food chains!

We have been learning about food chains in Science today.

Green plants are called producers because they make their own food. Animals are called consumers because they get their food from plants or other animals. Animals that eat others are called predators and animals that they eat are called prey.

Using all this knowledge children made food chains in cones and had to put them together in order. This looked easy but it was tricky!

We love swimming!

Today in our swimming lesson we were learning how to glide from the edge of the pool and work on our front crawl stroke. It was great fun and the teachers were really proud of us all!

We love being back at school!

Happy New Year from everyone in 2017. We hope all your hopes and dreams come true.