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We love flying fish!

In Science we are learning how different materials can move.

Children were set a challenge today! They had to cut out a simple template and make a flying fish from it. They had to then explore how it spun to the ground when it was dropped. The movement of the fish changed in a number of ways.

Using timers, children worked in pairs and held the fish up 2 metres high. Fish were dropped and timed. Results were recorded in a table. Lots of fun!




We love Australia!

G’day folks!

This term we have been learning all about the amazing country of Australia. We have had lots of fun making an underwater diorama of the Great Barrier Reef, making air tickets, road signs, writing non-chronological reports all about an Australian animal and creating an aboriginal painting. Our classroom is looking amazing!

Using an iPad and an atlas we tracked the weather in Australia this week and recorded the different temperatures on a map. The temperatures ranged from 23 degrees to 43 degrees! We looked at the many ways Australian people keep safe in the sun and designed our own information posters using the slogan ‘Slip, slop, slap.’

Well done everyone for all your hard work this term!

We love the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Did you know that the Sydney Harbour Bridge took 6 years to build?

Did you know that it has a nickname ‘The coat hanger’?

Children have been very busy this week learning all about it. They have been using iPads, books and fact sheets to write their own fact files. Oskar bought in photographs from home with his Mummy at the top!

Everyone got the chance to make their own replica bridge using a paper plate and cups. Rulers were used for careful measuring. Well done the children who used an atlas to make flags to go on the top!