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We love making chocolate adverts!

Snickers! Chase the Taste! from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Careless Wispa from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Aero from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Mars from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

We love showing our work!

It was lovely to see so many parents in school today seeing all our work in the classrooms! Thanks for coming!

We love experimenting and melting chocolate!

Today 2B were set the task of finding out if white, dark or milk chocolate melted first. We set up simple experiments in the classroom and using digital timers to record them.

‘When we were melting the chocolate on the radiator it was a long time to wait. Eventually it melted. The milk chocolate melted first.’   Daniel

‘We put some chocolate on the radiator and we pushed it down so we watch it melt.’   Jonas

‘When I put the chocolate on the radiator we got to eat a teeny bit!!’   Charlie

‘When I put my chocolate on the radiator I touched it and it melted a tiny bit.’   Oskar

‘When we put the chocolate on the radiator it was turning into different shapes and forms.’   Aarya

‘When my chocolate had melted it then did a reversible change.’   Vismay

‘When I put the chocolate on the radiator it was a solid. After a while it became soft and when it had dried it had changed shape and was hard.’   Dylan

‘When I put the chocolate on the radiator it took a long time to melt.’    Aaron

‘When I put the chocolate on my paper it smelt really delicious!’    CJ

We love Smartie maths!

As part of our work about Chocolate, we have had so much fun with Smarties and our maths lessons this week. Everyone had their own box and had to carefully record their different colours and amounts, make a graph using their data and look at repeating and symmetrical patterns using the Smarties.

Did you know that some children had 42 Smarties in a box and others had 38?

All our work will be made into a Smartie book and will be on display in the classroom. Come and take a look!

We love book week in school!

Year 2 have had a brilliant and fun book week in school. 3D story maps have been made following the Smartest Giant in Town story and everyone made a bookshelf from Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book. Meeting the illustrator, Lynne Chapman on Tuesday was amazing, especially when we got to draw our own monsters! Year 6 heard us all read and they were very impressed with us. Seeing everyone in costume yesterday bought all the Julia Donaldson books to life. Enjoy the Tiddler fish cakes for lunch today!