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We love being outlaws!


Year 2 had a fantastic day at Beaumanor Hall yesterday, the weather was perfect and so was the behaviour of the children. They all took part in a Robin Hood Survival day and plenty of adventure was had by all. We made amazing Robin Hood hats using natural materials from the woods that Phillip Treacy would have been proud of. Then the class went on a woodland walk hiding from the Sheriff of Nottingham and collecting up the wanted posters before anyone got caught!
After lunch, we went back to the woods and the children were given the task of creating weatherproof dens using ropes, tarpaulin sheets and anything else they could find. These were tested with a watering can to mixed results but judging by the laughter and chatter everyone absolutely loved it, even if they did get wet. All of the hard work was rewarded with a cup of ‘Squirrel stew’ (hot chocolate) round a campfire. A perfect end to a perfect day.

We love rounders!

What a fantastic way to end a busy week with a game of rounders with Year 2. Lovely to see great sportsmanship amongst the children today.

There are some amazing batters and fielders out there. Score was Blue team 18 rounders to Red team 13. Well done everyone!!

We love glitter!

We have had fun with glitter this morning to show how clean our hands are. Children put a drop of hand lotion and rubbed them together to spread it out. A pinch of glitter was placed in the palm of each hand and it was rubbed in. Everyone high fived each other to show how quickly it spread.

The children couldn’t believe how quickly the glitter had spread! When they washed their hands with water, some of it remained. When they used soap, the glitter came off quickly. The glitter was acting the same way as germs and everyone was surprised how quickly the glitter had spread! We realised how important it is to wash our hands.

‘It was sticky. We high fived each other and I had different coloured glitter on my hands!’   Christopher