Archive for September 29, 2017

We love exercising!

In Science this week, we have been thinking about how exercise helps our bodies. Children learnt that exercise gives our heart a workout and strengthens our muscles in different parts of the body. It also helps to keep us flexible and makes us feel good!

In the playground, children designed their own ‘keep fit’ warm up that could last for over a minute and they performed them to the rest of the group. Everyone had fun in the sun!

We love feeling happy!

Another week has flown past! We have been using our knowledge that we have learnt about Queen Victoria to write lots of different questions to her, remembering to use a capital letter at the start and a question mark at the end. Isabella wanted to know why she had called her dog, Dash. Yusuf wanted to know why she liked to ride a horse fast.

In Science, we explored lots of ideas about what made us feel happy and we created happy face pictures with speech bubble statements. Here are some pictures of our the class collaging their faces.

We love colour mixing!

This week in school we have enjoyed getting to know each other better. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed having a chess lesson with Mr Williams and starting to learn a new musical instrument.
In Art, we learnt about simple colour mixing and using these skills, children painted a colour wheel and then created a huge eye with 3D eyelashes. They are amazing! All the children have an ‘Eye for Colour’!

Welcome back 2B!

Welcome to our new class this September. Everyone has made a super start and is already working hard. Children brought in an object and told all their new friends about it, as a good way of finding out about each other.

We have a couple of artists, a gymnast, a ballet dancer, dinosaur and Lego enthusiasts, sporty children, a karate lover, Stars Wars fans, a swimmer, a scooter fan and a Pug lover!