We love dressing up as Victorians!

On Monday 9th October, Year 2 went to visit Beaumanor Hall to take part in a Victorian Childhood day. Everybody came to school in their fantastic Victorian costumes, including the teachers! We had a superb day and learnt about the origins of the Hall and the family who lived in it. We then experienced life as a servant, working in the cellars, learning why you needed a servant to get dressed if you were a rich Victorian, male and female. Children were able to work in the washing room and then iron the clothes and wrap them up with string in brown paper. After that, we explored what life was like upstairs in the Hall.

In the afternoon, the children joined a Victorian school with a very strict teacher complete with real ink and quill pens, dunce’s cap and cane! We had a superb day and the children behaved excellently. We would like to thank Mrs Mellors and Mrs Phoenix for helping us on our visit.


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