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We love testing materials!

The children in Year 2 were investigating which material would be the most suitable to make a new umbrella for Winnie the Pooh to splash about in the rain with. It needed to be waterproof and light. Children had a range of materials to test including paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic and kitchen roll. Using straws, we dropped the water carefully onto the different materials.

Everyone worked hard and the class identified that plastic was the best material to make an umbrella for Winnie the Pooh as it was waterproof and lightweight!

We love egg-citing science!

We all looked at a cycle helmet and found out how they were made using different materials. We talked about the importance of wearing a helmet whilst cycling.

Children loved the problem solving challenge! Using a real egg, they had to make a crash helmet for an ‘egg cyclist’ using different materials and test it. The eggs were then tested outside by dropping them. What a egg-ceptional lesson!



We love writing firework poetry!

In English, we have been working hard to write our own descriptive firework poem. We watched some amazing firework displays and brain stormed some descriptive words with a partner on a white board. We then started to draft our own poems. It was hard work but we all loved writing them and reading them out to our friends.
Great job everyone!

Firework poems 1 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Firework poems 2 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Firework poem 3 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.