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We love swimming!

2B have all enjoyed their swimming lesson today with the swimming teacher, Miss Wood. All the children are now brilliant at getting changed and organising themselves for swimming.

Children were learning how to glide across the top of the water as part of the front crawl stroke. Using floats, they used each arm as part of the stroke, remembering to kick their legs using relaxed knees. They all worked hard using their arms correctly before putting the whole stroke together. Great work 2B!

Sophie – ‘ In Swimming, I learnt about front crawl.’

Aaron – ‘My best bit today was playing the stuck in the mud game.’

Ayda – ‘I love swimming!’




We love using microscopes in Year 2!

Happy New Year! Welcome back 2B.

Did you know that the word microscope comes from two Greek words – micro meaning small and scope meaning to look or see?

We had lots of fun observing different everyday materials in Science. Using a microscope and hand lens, children observed materials close up. They looked at materials including coffee granules, rice crispies, pieces of carpet, metal, fabric, wood, bread and fake snow. They recorded their findings carefully. Children were surprised when they looked closely at some of the items, especially the coffee granules.